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Flight Instruction

Flying Start Aero is a full-service flight school and aviation resource center. We specialize in flight training from student pilot to Airline Transport Pilot; with special emphasis on Mountain Flying techniques and Safety priorities.

FSA is Northern Nevada’s only flight schools offering modern Cessna aircraft, manufactured in this century; sporting digital (G1000) cockpits, autopilots and turbocharged aircraft.

Our business model provides professional, experienced full-time Flight Instructor-Chief Pilots who are committed to the achievement of your aeronautical aspirations; rather than that of their own.
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Cessna Pilot Center

Why should those of you who want to learn to fly give a hoot that Flying Start Aero is a Cessna Pilot Center (CPC):

  • Talk to any certificated pilot. He/She will likely tell you that they learned to fly in Cessna aircraft. More people have obtained their private pilot's certificate in Cessna airplanes than all other aircraft types combined. There is a reason for that: Cessna's are easy to fly and safe.

  • Cessna Pilot Centers offer a nation-wide standardized pilot training program. This means that, should you start your flight training and need to relocate, you can find another CPC locally and resume your aviation pursuit right where you left off. Said another way, none of your training information is lost during the transition.

  • CPC pilot training is state-of-the-art. We offer hi-tech, multi-media, interactive, computer based ground instruction. You work at home and on your own schedule. You are guided through the training syllabus with high quality video, showing you exactly what you will be doing in the airplane on your very next flight lesson. This unique approach enhances and shortens your training experience.

  • CPC's can help you earn a College Degree in aviation science. You will receive college credit as you achieve your FAA ratings. And you qualify for discounted tuition fees while you complete your flight training at Flying Start Aero or any Cessna CPC affiliated flight school.

  • Perhaps the best reason for you to learn to fly at Flying Start Aero's Cessna Pilot Center is that our experienced and professional Flight Instructors, utilizing CPC computer based curriculum, will help you achieve your new pilot certificate in 20-30% less time than that of a "non-CPC" flight school! And time, to both you and your flight school, is money.

We encourage you to remember that, when considering a flight school, seek value. Value is determined based on price plus quality. The overall price of your flight training should be competitive. However, you must also factor-in the quality of your flight training. In other words, you need to feel confident that you will receive your flight training from experienced, professional Certified Flight Instructors who incorporate state-of-the-art equipment (aircraft & training tools) to provide a safe, comfortable and productive learning environment. This is the business model upon which Flying Start Aero was founded. We look forward to earning your business and the opportunity to facilitate your dream of learning to fly.