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Gift Certificates

Imagine the excitement your child or friend might experience when they open the envelope and see our bright yellow certificate with red wings and the promise to make their dream of flying come true.

Many of our customers have used this means to get their teenager into aviation and away from negative peer influence. We have a number of cases in point where a teen's desire to earn their wings instilled within them confidence and purpose.

Others have given the certificate to their significant other for romantic and scenic-photo flights over the majestic snow-capped Sierra Nevada and pure, sparkling blue waters of incomparable Lake Tahoe.

If you have an aspiring photographer in your social circle, why not give him/her an FSA gift certificate? He or she will realize more "once in a lifetime" photo opportunities in one hour by airplane than is possible given months to those who are ground bound.

We can pick you up at any area airport, for a nominal fee.