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Flying Start Aero offers great aircraft leaseback programs. If you are an aircraft owner and you desire to minimize your ownership costs while maintaining full control of your airplane, Flying Start Aero can help.

We can set up a customized aircraft leaseback program that meets individual needs. You dictate the terms and we abide by your rules. You set the criteria for rental, such as: rates, PIC time required, types of use and/or any other restrictions.

You still fly your airplane when you want to but you minimize your fixed and variable costs by renting it out to other qualified pilots when you don't need it. It is a win/win/win proposition: 1. Flying Start Aero wins by having more diverse aircraft available to rent; 2. Renters win by having a greater selection of aircraft to choose from; 3. You win by reducing your costs of ownership, while retaining the benefits of airplane ownership.

Please call Flying Start Aero in Reno at 775-856-3655 for details on our Leaseback Programs.


Flying Start Aero offers aircraft rentals to pilots desiring to take local or cross-country trips.

We rent various aircraft that we obtain via leaseback programs. Please call us to learn more about our current inventory of aircraft.