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FLYING START AERO is Northern Nevada’s only CESSNA PILOT CENTER and our primary business is teaching people to fly.

We have the largest and most modern fleet of training aircraft in Northern Nevada…and the most experienced flight instructors. While both of our primary trainers offer the latest in digital navigation and communication flight suites, each offers unique features for the student pilot.
We invite you to come in and see for yourself. We will explain all your options, answer your questions and arrange a “discovery flight”, once you decide which airplane is right for you.














Designed to make the dream of flight a reality, this plane has ushered a new generation of pilots into the sky. It’s simplicity of operation and stable, docile handling make it the perfect entry-level trainer, as well as an ideal fit for experienced pilots seeking a modern and economical means of recreational flight.








The world’s most popular aircraft. With more than 43,000 produced, the Skyhawk is the best-selling, most-flown plane ever built…odds are likely that any pilot you meet will have learned to fly in a Skyhawk. It also enjoys the enviable reputation as the safest general aviation aircraft available. Flying Start Aero offers modern trainer aircraft featuring both Digital and Analog avionics suites.